Why do I want to smash heavy things into my face?!

I’ve never understood self harm. Despite having mental health issues, I’ve never seen why people would. Unfortunately I’m now approaching a point where I’m worried I might.

There are all of a sudden lots of big heavy objects around the house that I would love to smash into my face. Hard.


That big log would do.


Or this medicine ball.


Or a dumbell.

To be honest… When I’m feeling shitty, most big heavy things look like they’d be a nice thing to smash my face into.

I’m resisting for now. And if I ever give in, I’m sure I’ll eventually let you all know. I’d probably not want to share straight away. Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you’ll all be treated to a picture of my face. Fuck it. Why not?

I never knew starting a blog would make me open up so much.