Why do I want to smash heavy things into my face?!

I’ve never understood self harm. Despite having mental health issues, I’ve never seen why people would. Unfortunately I’m now approaching a point where I’m worried I might.

There are all of a sudden lots of big heavy objects around the house that I would love to smash into my face. Hard.


That big log would do.


Or this medicine ball.


Or a dumbell.

To be honest… When I’m feeling shitty, most big heavy things look like they’d be a nice thing to smash my face into.

I’m resisting for now. And if I ever give in, I’m sure I’ll eventually let you all know. I’d probably not want to share straight away. Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you’ll all be treated to a picture of my face. Fuck it. Why not?

I never knew starting a blog would make me open up so much.


3 thoughts on “Why do I want to smash heavy things into my face?!

  1. If you’re starting to feel like that Dave, speak to your GP. If you’re finding it hard to leave the house, ask for a phone consultation. I’ve been there – am there – and like you I never thought I’d be in a position where I’d ever want to. There is help out there and there is a way through.

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